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Saturdays are for inadvertently waking up early, realising that it’s the weekend, and then doing a little dance in bed to celebrate. Of course, having a suitably poptacular tune to dance along to is ideal, so here’s one I prepared earlier.

For those who like to keep up with the exploits of the Bluth family, this tune may sound quite familiar, as it bookended the last episode of season 4 (her father being David Schwartz, composer for the show). Boomerang is some delightfully catchy pop with a thumping beat (though not one that’s irritatingly piercing, thankfully). It is the perfect song to get your bed-ridden groove on with!

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Something We Heard Before

Friday is a day to continue being completely and utterly smitten with Pisces. My incoherent rambling yesterday did no justice to her, and no doubt today won’t either.

The ‘her’ in the previous sentence refers to Ms. Sarah Negahdari of LA indie group The Happy Hollows, of which Pisces is her solo side project. From what I’ve heard so far, there’s quite the dose of ethereality to her tunes, which is demonstrated quite nicely in the vaguely country-ish Glen Echo. I am going to buy the absolute heck out of this album!

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Thursday are for taking a deep breath and gazing at the sunset with a sweetheart. I have none of those things right now (curse you, morning!), but on the off chance the stars align, I have the perfect song for it!

Being a member of the fishy, celestial brethren myself, I felt I could not ignore an artist with the same name. Though, as I am an ethical music writer of words, it takes more than a flimsy name link to get me to post about something. Thankfully, Being With You is an achingly lovely piece of folk pop, with a rather delectable smattering of dreaminess. It is relaxing, sweet, and (hopefully) something that brings a pleasant smile to your face.

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Wednesdays are for waking up and thinking “holy hell, why is it only Wednesday!?”. Ol’ Ziggy Stardust here clearly knows what I’m on about, because he’s written me a song title that sums the situation up quite nicely.

I’ve been a bit neglectful in my Bowie intake, but I’m at least getting the minimum recommended daily dosage. It Ain’t Easy is built around the contrast between the almost Dylan-esque, folky verses and the semi-psychedelic, balls out 70s rock of the chorus. It’s a lifter of spirits, that’s for sure!

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Tuesdays are for the sheer drop in enthusiasm for the week, after reflecting upon it on monday. It is the kind of day that feels like it needs a touch of melancholy, but one that’s dressed up in a warm hug as well. Oh, hello The Decemberists, I didn’t see you there!

Evidently, every song on their Castaways and Cutouts album is pure gold. Though it stands to reason that some of the tracks are more gold than others. This is certainly an example of that, and it’s the first track off the album to boot! There is something altogether pleasant about the combination of guitar, accordion and Meloy’s voice, particularly when they’re rallying around a tune that is beautifully melancholic. The group has been away for a little while now, but a new album is on the way next year: hurrah!

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Monday is a day for getting up on time, being trim and proper and orderly, and sitting down quietly to focus on the week ahead. To that, I say ‘sod it': I want messiness and craziness, damnit!

With that, Bombay Harambee are here to bust me out of my malaaaaaaaise. Check, Check, Checkmate is a nice little package of messy garage rock, the kind that reminds me of my own days as a garage rock drummer. Ah, memories. Thankfully, Bombay Harambee aren’t rubbish, unlike my own efforts as a long-haired, drumming galoot.

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You know the best way to cap off a weekend of peace? AN EXPLOSION OF ROCK! YEAH!

Here is a new track from up and coming alternative rock band, Foo Fighters. It seems to me that they’re going to go pretty far and- what’s that? Well established, you say? Been around for decades, you say? He was in Nirvana, you say? Well, either way, this is a rip-roaring track that pleasingly drifts to and from a variety of different rock styles without ever feeling disconnected. Plus, it’s just a boatload of fun, as rock should be. Mr. Grohl and co., you have done it again!

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Evidently, this will be an entire weekend of relaxation. I mean, what better way is there to follow up that saturday morning sleep-in than watching movies at home in comfortable pants with a tub of ice cream? Yes, you’re right, there is no better way.

To lend some class to that potentially distasteful image, here is quite a beautiful song from newcomers Ocean Music. The vocals have a kind of Isolation Years type quality to them, and the music itself has a folk-ish, Iron and Wine appeal to them. Those are two things I just cannot say no to!

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Dust off the cobwebs and chuck those skeletons right out the friggin’ door: I am posting again! Having said that, wouldn’t it just be crazy hilarious if I made a big hoo-ha about how I’m posting again and then proceed to not post again for a month? What a hoot it’d be! Comedy gold!

Clearly, I need to ease into this whole ‘posting’ thing. So, here’s a rather gentle, lovely tune, the kind you may flick on after a delightful saturday morning sleep-in – those of you looking for music that goes with the night before that sleep-in need not apply. I get quite a nice, relaxed-shoegazing kind of feel with this one, so kick back and prepare to feel warm and fuzzy.

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You! Yes, you there! Are you tired of having music from an Irish band forced upon you? Don’t you wish there was another way? Well, with either/or, there is! I AM WITTY, I REFERENCE REAL-LIFE EVENTS.

Anyway, I am certainly not currently in the mood for Bono’s shenanigans, so Pet Sun’s debut single is most welcome. It is a grand throwback to the days of British/American proto-punk, so there’s obviously nothing to hate about it. It’s wild, non-sensical and hairy: you’ll no doubt sprout a chest full of it upon listening.

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Slick, but undeniably charming pop? I will take two servings of that, thank you very much! Allow me to introduce you to Caitlin Park, an Australian, self-described dabbler in “folktronica”, which is a just the best genre mash-up word I’ve ever heard. The actual content of that genre is similarly wonderful: who would’ve thought that folk and electronic would come together in such wonderful harmony? A miracle in the same vein as bacon and waffles, no doubt.

Anyway, here is Lemonade, off her most recent release, The Sleeper, and it is a most delightful tune. Perhaps one that can lift your spirits! I do hope that Ms. Park really takes off as an artist, because this music is far too lovely to remain hidden on silly, obscure blogs like this one.

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