Considering that downtempo (a genre I very much like) owes a lot of its origin to jazz music, it’s a wonder I don’t listen to more of it. Baby steps, I guess. Point is, here is some more jazz!

These guys seem to enjoy recording in front of a live audience. I must say, it does add something to the whole proceedings, what with them clapping before the song is even finished! While this tune is a tad on the long side, it’s certainly quite enjoyable: a veritable smörgåsbord of smooth beats and riffs from what looks to be a bazillion musicians. I totally counted.

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  • God, I hate jazz. Too much going on. It’s like reading five different books at the same time. I just don’t get into a jazz trance, man. I need simple beats that a small child could understand.

  • Ant292

    I’m very subjective with my jazz tastes, but it’s not a genre I’ve explored a lot. As I mentioned, downtempo owes a lot to jazz, though it’s far more structured than jazz usually is. I guess I dig the downtempo vibe of some jazz!