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Occasionally, some lovely music will drop into my inbox that I’ll subsequently ignore due to the beast that is lack of time. Better late then never, right? Though I am bucking that trend today, because this has just been released: we are on the cutting edge, folks!

This tune features some rather sincere ukulele, which I’d say is rather difficult to pull off. It’s complimented by some sweet (the ‘awww’ kind, not the ‘duuuuude’ kind) vocals from Ellia Bisker, all wrapped around a beautiful and soaring melody. If ever a tune was deserving of the adjective ‘lovely’, this is surely it.

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  • Hugh Lloyd

    This is nice. I don’t know about the epitome of lovely, but it is nice. :)

  • Ant292

    Well, the content of the lyrics suggest otherwise, but still.

    Also, I wrote this before I had coffee this morning!

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  • Sweet Soubrette

    The music video for this song was just released too – check it out!

  • AJ Scarcella

    Lovely. :>

    Keep us in the loop about your goings ons too!