After being ordered to investigate one of their songs (that one being In the Waiting Line), I found myself wanting to check out more! Which I did, of course. What I bring for you today is the album Simple Things, which is simply overflowing with wonderfully soulful, jazz-tastic, electronic-y, chillout tunes for those lonely city nights.

The music itself isn’t mechanised to the point of it being harsh: it retains a gentle brilliance through the use of actual instruments *gasp*, which is a welcome change from most electronically influenced music. Most humbling, I would say and definitely worth a look, especially I Have Seen and Give It Away.

From Simple Things
In the Waiting Line – YouTube
Give it Away – YouTube
I Have Seen – YouTube

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  • kol

    If you liked that, you might like [url=]Boards of Canada[/url]

    Now post something on Behemoth ;P

  • Ant

    Ah yes, Boards of Canada. The Salad Fingers song is by them. I listened to a bit of it ages ago, but I accidently deleted it. I’ll check it out again though.

    As for Behemoth, no idea who they are…

  • kol

    Bonobo is in the same vein.