Here at either/or, we believe that even though something’s slightly old, and blatantly popular, it’s still worth a mention (if it’s good, that is). At least, that’s what I believe in. It is with this point in consideration that I present Travis’ 2003 release 12 Memories. 12 Memories is an admirable collection of catchy, memorable rock. Within this though flow fantastic, moving lyrics as well as some very very fine instrumentation.

Although a slight departure from the happier antics of their previous efforts, 12 Memories is an extremly accomplished album and an excellent example of their musical growth. Songs such as the opening track Quicksand combine strings and piano with Fran Healy’s wonderful voice to produce a tune that is nicely simple, but never falls into the realms of boredom. This is followed up with tracks such as Re-Offender and Paperclips, both of which give us a little touch of beauty in our world (and we all just love that, don’t we?)

Elegant, catchy and beautiful: what more do you want? Probably some downloads, I’d wager.