Sorry for the relative lack of posting as of late; I’m trying to not post stuff I find on other audio blogs, which just so happens to severely limit my posting options, but should result in “fresher” music, whatever that means.

Jenny Wilson hails from the musically-inclined lands of Sweden and makes delightful pop tunes that sometimes indulge in a bit of synthesizer action. She plays all the instruments on her solo debut, Love And Youth, and all that creative freedom can be like more rope to hang yourself with if you’re not talented enough to make it work. Evidently, Wilson’s talented enough. The only MP3 that Wilson offers, A Brief Story, is wonderfully reminiscent of Of Montreal, and even the low bitrate can’t keep me from busting out some utterly embarassing dance moves.


From Summertime – The Roughest Time
A Brief Story – (MP3, 1.87 MB)