To paraphrase Jim Gaffigan, not only is Katie Melua beautiful, but she can SING! What a double threat, indeed. If Norah Jones was slightly more influenced by pop music and had smoother vocals, she’d probably sound pretty close to Ms. Melua. Then again, maybe she wouldn’t; I can’t say I’m an expert in alternative universes (maybe I am in an alternate universe).

Unfortunately, the media I’ve got for you today is just audio clips, but the aural quality more than makes up for the lack of chronological quantity.


From Piece By Piece
Piece By Piece (MP3, 811 KB)
Spider’s Web (MP3, 490 KB)
Shy Boy (MP3, 806 KB)
Nine Million Bicycles (MP3, 685 KB)

From Call Off The Search
Crawling Up A Hill (MP3, 559 KB)
My Aphrodisiac Is You (MP3, 690 KB)