What is there to say about Sean Na Na? As it turns out, not as much as I might hope. They make indie songs, some poppish, some rockish, and some downright depressing (in that good, tragically beautiful way). Mary Lou Lord, whose song His Indie World is essentially about her preference for “deep and gloomy” folk songs over indie tunes, has a split EP with Sean Na Na; I take this to mean that Ms. Lord feels that their lyrics are more mature than your typical indie fare, and I concur wholeheartedly (even though it’s my assumption to begin with).

I wish that Sean Na Na posted more MP3s from My Majesty, namely I Need A Girl, The Human Raft, and Third Life. Kill for them if you have to.

Finally, to borrow Ant’s vernacular: “What excellent album art! I totally love it!” Me too, slugger… me too.


From My Majesty
Double Date (MP3, 3.9MB)
Grew Into My Body (MP3, 4.4MB)