The Rosebuds are one of those delightful bands that doesn’t limit itself to one sound, or even a few. The songs from their latest album, Birds Make Good Neighbors, vary either a little or lot. Leaves Do Fall is reminiscent of old country songs, Outnumbered has a rocking Beach Boys feel to it, Boxcar reminds me of good pop-rock songs in general, Shake Our Tree reminds me a smidge of The Dandy Warhols… and so on!

The point is that The Rosebuds make awesome music because they’re influenced by awesome music, and I say more power to ’em. Listen to enough of their songs and you’ll find something that suits you, so get listening!


From Birds Make Good Neighbors
Boxcar (MP3, 5.3MB)
Leaves Do Fall (MP3, 3.6MB)