Considering I referenced Beulah in my last post (quickly lost in a tangle of gypsy punk), I felt it only fair to talk about them more thoroughly. One of the things that drew me in, besides their addicting pop sound, was their amazing lyrics; even if they didn’t seem to be singing about anything in particular, the songwriting never suffered. For instance, on the trumpet-fueled Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand, Miles Kurosky sings “The trinity saves / but three’s a crowd,” and you don’t have to understand the song’s meaning to appreciate that gem.

What’s both unfortunate and surprising is that while the video is hosted directly by the band themselves, it skips on more than a few occasions. Then again, I wouldn’t expect people to just listen to this song and call it a day.


From When Your Heartstrings Break
Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand – (Music video)