There’s a few reasons why I love the band Beulah: not only did they make consistently awesome indie-pop songs, but reading about their DVD introduced me to John Vanderslice, who opened for their 2003 tour. Although I didn’t manage to catch that particular tour, and I haven’t watched the DVD showcasing it, all I needed to hear was that Vanderslice was opening for them to deduce that he was awesomeness personified.

His genius lyrics and slightly-nasal vocals remind me a smidge of Colin Meloy, if Meloy didn’t sing about historically-based whatnots and didn’t have such a nasal voice. That is arguably one of the worst descriptive analogies I’ve ever written, so luckily I’m blessed to have Vanderslice’s music to back me up. You guys do download this stuff, right?


From Cellar Door
Pale Horse – (MP3, 3.9 MB)
They Won’t Let Me Run – (MP3, 5.7 MB)

From Life And Death Of An American Fourtracker
Me And My 424 – (MP3, 5.1 MB)

From Mass Suicide Occult Figurines
Bill Gates Must Die (MP3, 5.1 MB)