For the longest time, I rather inexplicably had the idea that Mirah was a British pop singer and so never bothered to listen to her songs. In reality, she is a lovely Jewish lady (with an even lovelier voice) living in Washington. Perhaps to complement this certifiably angelic voice, more than a few of her songs feature a harp. Just in case the description up to now sounds like she sings church hymns, let me regale you with some lyrics from Dreamboat – “How about some of that lubrication / ’cause this motor’s gettin’ ready for some fornication.” I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine those lyrics being sung in any church… ever.


From Advisory Committee
Cold Cold Water – (MP3, 4.1 MB)
Light The Match – (MP3, 2.7 MB)

From You Think It’s Like This But It’s Really Like This
Sweepstakes Prize – (MP3, 1.9 MB)