If you were even vaguely aware of Reel Big Fish around their Why Do They Rock So Hard? era, this band may seem quite familiar (almost startlingly so, at times), what with their electric guitars, bombastic horn arrangements, and tongue-in-cheek outlook. This may or may not interest you; if not, perhaps I should add that their horn section also performs choreographed dance moves while playing.

In effect, their live show serves to enhance their appeal, which already is quite expansive. Additionally, their lyrics leave little to be desired: “I can’t believe we look so totally bitchin!” and “Rump Shaker / Heartbreaker / Don’t be a faker come on be my baby maker,” for example. You cannot get any deeper than that.

But what really made me sweet on this band was their closing number when I saw them play in Asbury — they pulled out a positively skanking cover of Under the Sea. Yes, that version, what with the singing crab? I believe I should’ve mentioned earlier that it might take a particular humour to dig these guys. Ska purists will hold their noses and get crabby, but I am doubtful any of those folk visit here anyway.

Note: I am simply ganking samples from CDBaby. All of their music can be sampled there.


From Rump Shaker
High Fives – (M3U, sample stream)
Bright Spring Morning – (M3U, sample stream)
Blingity Bling – (M3U, sample stream)