There are four things you should consider about this post. 1) This band is French, 2) I do not speak French, so 3) I can’t understand their damn webpage and can’t tell what album the following songs are from. 4) However, you don’t have to understand the language to know that this is some damn good music. If I were to go by the category tags I’ve used, I would describe it as downtempo folk-pop. And since it is indeed French, there is a bit of that seductive romanticism thrown in. Delightful!

If you end up liking these tunes, make sure to check out Aurgasm’s post about them; he’s got two of their best songs on there. Which isn’t to say these songs aren’t great (the first two are, especially).


Pourquoi Mon Coeur – (Zipped MP3, 2.3 MB)
Tomorrow – (Zipped MP3, 2.7)
Living On A Boat – (Zipped MP3, 3.7 MB)