No doubt you’ve probably heard of these guys before – they were the creators of the Thumbsucker soundtrack, they were featured on the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Sunshine soundtrack, they were featured on Scrubs, and they wear…flowing robes? They’ve been around anyway, so here’s their first release for you: The Beginning Stages Of (the US re-release). This incredibly large group (it’s ranged from like 20-30 people, which is pretty awesome) has produced music that’s so undeniably cheery that you cannot help but smile when you listen to it. I mean, just have a look at these lyrics:

Hey! It’s the sun! And it makes me shine!


Just follow the day and reach for the sun!

It’s just super happy music, which is wonderful to me. I guess there’s times where we don’t need finely crafted indie pieces or deep meaningful lyrics, which is why I wanted to bring these guys to your attention in case you haven’t heard of them! They’re just enjoyable tunes, so I suggest you check out Section 2 (It’s the Sun), Section 3 (Days Like This Keep Me Warm) [very pretty tune], Section 4 (La La) [pretty crazy tune] and Section 9 (Light & Day/Reach for the Sun) if you want a taste of the Polyphonic Spree. Of course, you should check out the rest, as they’re all pretty interesting.

Ok, this is a pretty lousy post, but check the band out anyway!