It is like either/or is the new France. Or Canada. Or something! Yet another French artist, is basically what I’m getting at.

I bought Not Going Anywhere for a dollar, but it was definitely worth a bit more. As much as I claim to only get excited if a band features prominant horns or accordions, Keren Ann’s music strikes a chord with me. Very well written songs, and I don’t need to know French to understand the basic idea behind a lot of her music.

Her earlier albums were entirely French, but her last couple have featured more English songs as well. She does well in either language, in her whispery, quiet voice.

While she does sound cheery occasionally (such as on Right Now and Right Here), a lot of her songs seem to, for lack of a better phrase, sound sad. It is the perfect music for hanging out inside watching the rain fall on your window, because while it does sometimes approach a depressing tone, it paradoxically feels uplifting at the same time. That makes no sense, I know, so just listen.

You can listen to samples of all her music at her site, which is all embedded in flash, so you will have to find your way manually (just go to Discography). If I were to recommend anything, I’d say to start with Sailor & Widow or End of May from Not Going Anywhere.