Not too long ago, Craig over at songs: illinois lamented how his post about Soft Hearted Scientists wasn’t picked up by any other blogs. As I mentioned on his site, I feel like something of a hooker when I post about a band that a prominent blog has already posted about. But due to his lamentation, I will be pleased to write a smidge about this band (and other excellent ones he’s posted about previously).

OK! This is probably not the ideal band for me to start carrying the musical Olympic torch to, as I’ve only heard one of their songs that I like. But I like the song a lot, anyway. Hence why it is linked below for your aural enjoyment. It is a lovely acoustic-pop tune with the UK singing that everyone seems to love, at least when it’s good, as this one is. I will leave you with the chorus: “So what’s the point of waiting to sing our song, we’ll be pushing up daisies before too long, they’ll be carbon dating our bones some day, I’d like to think we found some joy along the strange, strange waaaaaaaay!


From The Family Of God
Pushing Up Daisies – (MP3, 3 MB)