Holy Ghost Revival is one of those bands that you listen to and wonder why you’ve never heard about them until now. While it’s true that I tend to primarily focus on a band’s singer (HGR’s singer has what I will describe as a lovely glam-rock falsetto), this band’s greatness is not at all limited to their singer. If you are one of those lyric-oriented types, you’ll have to check out Hot Luv In A Berlin Bombshelter (in case the title didn’t entice you enough), an epic rock song straight out of the 80s. For the indie kids who like their depressing songs to be upbeat and catchy, check out Flowers Of Evil. And if you really like Christmas… you should be able to figure out what song to get.


From Bleeding Light
Christmas Everyday – (MP3, 4.2 MB)

From Beast With Two Backs
Hot Luv In A Berlin Bombshelter – (MP3, 8.1 MB)
Flowers Of Evil – (MP3, 4.9 MB)
Ivy On Granite – (MP3, 7 MB)
Jewelry Shoppe – (MP3, 7 MB)