What do you get when you mix a seductive French accent with Canadian hipness? In this overly specific case, Lily Frost. Her music is considerably more upbeat and pop-influenced than most of her French chanteuse counterparts, or at least the ones I’m privy to. She sings most of her songs in English, which is very fortunate in the case of Enchantment, though unfortunate as that seductive French accent is quite muted on the songs she sings in English. Trade-offs, trade-offs…


From Cine-Magique
Enchantment – (MP3, 1.4 MB)
I Called You – (MP3, 1.1 MB)

From Situation
Black Narcissus – (MP3 sample, 889 KB)
Les Vaisseaux Nocturnes – (MP3 sample, 808 KB)