Ah, I am a traitor. First I bring Brad (a.ka. Nickelplate) on as a new writer to folk us out, and suddenly I’m out of good folk musicians to write about. Oh well, you can’t write about sleepy music all the time. People only sleep 1/3 of the time, anyway, so 2/3 of music should be non-sleep music. To help fulfill this 2/3 quota, here are some Crystal Skulls. Not exactly wakeful music, but catchy nonetheless. I haven’t given their debut the thorough listen it probably deserves, but their sophomore release, Outgoing Behavior, has enough pop in it to put a spring or two in my step. And their label is nice enough to hand out my two favorite songs from that album! Hopefully they will put a spring or two in your step as well.


From Outgoing Behavior
The Cosmic Door – (MP3, 4.3 MB)
Baby Boy – (MP3, 5.5 MB)