Despite all the crazy, modern, gypsy-influenced bands floating around on either/or, it’s nice to know that there’s still some groups around that play pure, unadultered gypsy music. Monsieur Camembert is one such band. An Australian group, these folks seemingly like to play in the waters of gypsy, folk and a range of Eastern European music. Lots of accordians and goodness knows what other manners of gypsy-flavoured instrumentation. By and by, they’re largely an instrumental group, but they do have some tunes with singing, like Adon Olam and Kiss of Fire.

Utterly delightful and pretty music? Heck yes!

Unfortunately, their website does not have media, which is a darn shame, but I guess it’s my tradition to post about bands that have no media. Check them out, if you can, or if you want some old-school gypsy charm.