Anyone who knows what music I like knows that lyrics don’t matter that much to me unless they’re really good or really bad. These ears of mine tend to focus on the singing and instrumentation, and that inevitably leads me to the conclusion that Everthus The Deadbeats is one hell of a great band. Even when they’re singing a long string of “Lalalalalala” as they do on Trevor Dust The Bedsheets, it doesn’t matter because the instrumentation is so awesome (especially that damn keyboard).

I should probably clarify that though their lyrics don’t really do it for me, they aren’t at all dwelling in lyrical mediocrity. Some Terry’s has a great lyric in “Buy a few klinkadrinks and take her home!” Klinkadrinks is a word that the world needs to see more often.


From Addicts Stuck In Traffic
Trevor Dust The Bedsheets – (MP3, 4.8 MB)
Some Terry’s – (MP3, 3.7 MB)