HUMANWINE (all caps, no gaps!) is an incredibly awesome cabaret group out of Boston, which is unfortunate for me as I am nowhere near Boston. That’s my only beef with good cabaret bands; they are all from the East Coast, while I am from the West. Fie! It seems that whenever I bring up this band, the only people who seem to have heard of them are those who know they’ve opened for The Dresden Dolls. While that’s entirely true, that shouldn’t be their claim to fame when their music is so damn good. Oh well. They’re kicking off the Fighting Naked tour on Tuesday, which doesn’t get any closer to me than Missouri… fie, again! And for those of you near Philly, another one of my cabaret favorites, Nicki Jaine, is playing with them at their first stop. I need to move…


From Rivolta Silenziosa
Rivolta Silenziosa – (MP3, 4.5 MB)