I sincerely hope there aren’t any posts on this blog with verbiage along the lines of “boy, I’ve meant to write about this band for a month!” because I’ve meant to write about THIS band, LoveLikeFire, since last September. That is quite a long time, indeed. Ever since I heard them on the bay bridged (a great podcast all about San Francisco music), I was addicted to pretty much everything about them. There’s catchy-but-not-repetitive melodies, great singing, and lyrics that don’t make me cringe. They should be more popular than they seem to be! Not all of the songs are really rockin’, but even when they’re bad, they’re still good. And when they are rockin’, they are rockin’.

You can download From A Tower, Wish You Dead, and Inside Your Light (my favorite of the three) from their Myspace as well. I’d link them from here, but don’t know how. If I only had the savvy…


The Contest – (MP3, 5.8 MB)

From Bed Of Gold
A Million Pieces – (MP3, 5.7 MB)