I am becoming quite the slouch on updates lately, so I’ll have to do another post right after this one and make this month’s mix incomparably huge. Because remember kids, if you can’t have quality, then go for quantity! But enough about my shortcomings.

Chris Bathgate isn’t always your typical folk musician, which is fortunate, as otherwise he would probably be quite boring. While Buffalo Girl isn’t going to win any awards for jauntiness, it’s got enough instrumentation to keep you awake. I Know How You Are Going To Die Tonight won’t win any awards for jauntiness either, but it’s got some two-note cabaret piano action (and horns) to make it seem like so much more. His voice kind of reminds me of Jason Molina’s (of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. fame), but not quite. He’s got a new, more mellow, album out too; you can read about that over at songs: illinois.


From Throatsleep
Buffalo Girl – (MP3, 4 MB)
I Know How You Are Going To Die Tonight – (MP3, 4.6 MB)