How I let these talented folk slip by me for something like ten years is utterly beyond me. I’d always hear their name floating around here and there, but I never, ever paid any attention to it for some reason, even when I started getting into music properly (you know, beyond listening to the junk on the radio). Anyhoo, most Aussies would probably be familiar with Something for Kate (I’m hoping). For you international folks (who could very well be scratching your collective heads), this could possibly be the start of something new!

There’s something about this group that just makes me think of pretty things: even the name makes me go all “awww!”. Luckily enough, the music does more than enough to backup this bout of mushiness, with a wonderful blend of chilled out, night-time rock tunes, complemented with a bunch of crazy alternative rock tunes with some electronic hints floating around in the back somewhere. These guys also bring to our musical table some really great lyrics: take, for example, the very first song of theirs that I heard, The Astronaut, from the album Beautiful Sharks:

Ooo, I can hear you
On a clear night
I can see you
Singing circles away

Aww! Anyhoo, starting on the album The Official Fiction is a good start for some more friendlier stuff (their most famous tune, Deja┬áVu features on it), but if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, take a look at Beautiful Sharks.

And without further ado, you can find some videos from those albums here.