Another Valentine’s Day means another Valentine’s Day post, which means I have to find a song that at least references love. Imagine my joy, then, when looking through all the emails that accumulated after four months of no Internet, I find a song called Love Makes Creeps Of Us All. Surely, the stars have all aligned in an ideal fashion. Especially since while most bands would just call it quits right there, Jim Clements & The Right To Die have plenty more good songs. Incredibly descriptive so far, isn’t it?

Jim referred to his music as alt-country, which seems to be pretty accurate, though it’s definitely the slower variety of alt-country. That is, you shouldn’t expect any barnburners here (which is good, since arson is a felony). His voice sounds like a folky James Blunt, without the whiny overtones. It’s very well suited to the songs, too.

If you love violins as much as I do, then you’ll enjoy These Ladybird Spots too. And remember how I said there aren’t any barnburners? St. Louise might just be the exception to that. It’s an amazing song with gypsy influences, to boot. The Bottom Feeders is another keeper as well, what with being a “swampy New Orleans death march.” That’s a great description for an even greater song. I’ve got two songs from their debut album posted too, neither are barnburners but both are great love songs.

I wish I wouldn’t get called a jerk for posting a bunch of band’s songs, because this is one that definitely deserves it. With most bands, it’s a challenge to find enough good songs to bother writing a post about them. Jim Clement’s, on the other hand, is one of the very few where all his bandwidth would be gone if I didn’t stop myself. Yeah, they’re good.


From When The Saints Go
St. Louise – (MP3, 3.9 MB)
These Ladybird Spots – (MP3, 3.9 MB)
The Bottom Feeders – (MP3, 2.6 MB)
Love Makes Creeps Of Us All – (MP3, 4.2 MB)

From Kill Devil Hills
I’ve Always Been Faithful – (MP3, 3 MB)
Coming Up Roses – (MP3, 3.6 MB)