Ever since the Jake Mann fiasco that I got myself into, I try to be pretty quick to write about bands that I’ve actually been in contact with. This does not usually end up happening, however! Indeed, I told the singer for Plajia, a Canadian indie band, that I’d have something written within a week… and that was 12 days ago! Clearly, my laziness is just as prolific as ever. Anyway, if you have enjoyed pretty much any Canadian indie, you will almost certainly enjoy their song Beautiful Explosion. It’s catchy, but not annoyingly so. Dummy is very 90s, and by that I mean it reminds me of the alternative music I grew up listening to on the radio… which means it is also a good song! For you old-timers who buy CDs, it is probably cheaper to buy it on the Canadian version of Amazon, unless they decide to charge you $25 to ship a CD.


From Beautiful Explosion
Beautiful Explosion – (MP3, 4.7 MB)
Dummy – (MP3, 4.4 MB)