Perhaps I shouldn’t be quite so much of a slacker when it comes to posting music, and reading about it. Then I’d have heard of Yeasayer a few months ago, as opposed to a few weeks ago after seeing them on Conan. At least I’ve heard of them at all, I suppose. Either way, what struck me while watching them was how much singer Chris Keating was wrapped around the microphone stand; it seemed like he was trying to channel Thom Yorke‘s almost-patented weirdness, and it was fairly bizarre overall. Luckily for him, Yeasayer’s music is also fairly bizarre, and so it melded nicely. And luckily for us, their music isn’t bizarre enough to turn listeners off, it’s just bizarre enough to both keep it interesting and avoid passing it off as easy listening. It all makes for an enjoyable musical experience, if not adventure.


From All Hour Cymbals
2080 – (MP3, 7.4 MB)
Sunrise – (MP3, 5.7 MB)