Ex Reverie is a psych-folk band that you might remember from when I talked about their EP, Phronesis, a while back. They released their full-length debut earlier this year, The Door Into Summer. The song that their label offers up, Dawn Comes For Us All, is easily my favorite song of the year. It’s hard for me to do anything else while listening to it. With its deep bass, excellent lyrics, and perfect singing, it is impossible to not be captivated. While I am not a fan of outros, this song has an excellent one, very much inspired by Greg Weeks. That isn’t too much of a surprise, as he played on the album, which was released on his label, Language Of Stone. You can expect to hear me gushing about more of the artists on that label in the near future.


From The Door Into Summer
Dawn Comes For Us All – (MP3, 9.3 MB)