I haven’t posted anything in quite some time, but after receiving an inquiry about whether I still blogged at all, it seemed I was taking it too far. It doesn’t help that I deleted all my music bookmarks without intending to, but there’s still a few things I’d be happy to write about. The first of these is Sharon Van Etten, who is one of those relaxing folk musicians that manage to get me very much engaged in their music. When she mailed me a CD a while back, she thoughtfully included a page of her lyrics so I could read along while listening to the music. If she hadn’t, I might not have realized just how much I liked her lyrics, as she’s sometimes hard to understand due to her hauntingly intense vocals.

If my computer wasn’t such a bucket of crap, I’d have ripped the CD and uploaded a few choice tracks. Since my computer is such a bucket of crap, I hope you don’t mind going to her Myspace and listening to her there. Of the songs she’s got up, I recommend I Wish I Knew, Have You Seen, and Damn Right. If her folk chops weren’t enough to make me fall in love with her, the fact that she’s releasing an album on Language Of Stone next year certainly does. I can’t wait!