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I figured it would be the height of rudeness to not throw some music at people who are probably bored out of their minds waiting for a Halloween party tonight (myself included), so here is some to whet your proverbial whistle. Tiger Army is a band that, before today, I haven’t listened to in years, and so it’s very refreshing to listen to them again after all that time. They’re a psychobilly band, though having not delved into that genre in even the shallowest sense of the term, it’s easier to classify them as being a punk band, albeit without the socially-conscious lyrics that punk bands are supposed to have. Regardless, the pair of songs I’ve posted are from my favorite of their albums, Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise, and I hope you enjoy them, as they will probably be all you get out of this blog for the next few days. Happy Halloween!


From Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise
Santa Carla Twilight – (MP3, 6.5 MB)
Ghost Tigers Rise – (MP3, 3 MB)

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I was going to post something a bit later, but after noticing my last piece of pie has been stricken with the precursor to penicillin, I figured that now was indeed the time to write about a lovely singer named Leerone. She’s from California and mixes her slightly unpredictable piano ballads with her lovely voice. That voice will help for those among you who don’t like or can’t get into songs that surprise you with the musical turns that they make. For instance, her song Care For Some Whiskey? has the catchy pop vibes that would make it on mainstream radio, but it is nowhere near formulaic enough. And slightly off the subject, it also has a rather strange and awesome music video which you should look on Youtube for.

My favorites of her songs, JUNK/Peace of Mind and Here on Earth/The Opening are, well, amazing. The first opens with a simple, repetitive, but oh-so-enjoyable piano bit that I could listen to for half an hour and not get tired of it. The second’s opening doesn’t entrance me as much, but the closing does with its layered vocals that I could listen to for another half hour and love it the whole time. I can’t find any links for the first, but you can listen to the second on her secondary Myspace.

And yes, I would most certainly care for some whiskey, please.

From Imaginary Biographies
Care For Some Whiskey? – (MP3, 2.1 MB)
To Fill The Void – (MP3, 2.6 MB)

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Once again, I am redefining the very, erm, definition of lazy. It’s not that there’s a lack of excellent music, either. Perhaps now that I’ve joined MOG, a music blog network, I will be more regularly shamed into writing something. Amber Lee & The Anomalies has what she terms “neo-folkloric accordion charm,” and I am not about to disagree! Her debut album, Estuaries, is indeed full of such charm. Songs like Not As The Crow Flies and It’s Me stretches the limit of upbeat accordion music. That does not mean it’s always happy music, of course; the music on Only The Girls reminds me of the darker moments of The Tiger Lillies’ album The Sea, and well, you just can’t expect songs called Whaler’s Wife or Beautiful Decay to be too cheerful. Her vocals keep anything from getting too dark, though. Listen to her song Time Master below, it’s the opening track of her album and one of my favorites.

From Estuaries
Time Master – (MP3, 3 MB)