Once again, I am redefining the very, erm, definition of lazy. It’s not that there’s a lack of excellent music, either. Perhaps now that I’ve joined MOG, a music blog network, I will be more regularly shamed into writing something. Amber Lee & The Anomalies has what she terms “neo-folkloric accordion charm,” and I am not about to disagree! Her debut album, Estuaries, is indeed full of such charm. Songs like Not As The Crow Flies and It’s Me stretches the limit of upbeat accordion music. That does not mean it’s always happy music, of course; the music on Only The Girls reminds me of the darker moments of The Tiger Lillies’ album The Sea, and well, you just can’t expect songs called Whaler’s Wife or Beautiful Decay to be too cheerful. Her vocals keep anything from getting too dark, though. Listen to her song Time Master below, it’s the opening track of her album and one of my favorites.

From Estuaries
Time Master – (MP3, 3 MB)