I figured it would be the height of rudeness to not throw some music at people who are probably bored out of their minds waiting for a Halloween party tonight (myself included), so here is some to whet your proverbial whistle. Tiger Army is a band that, before today, I haven’t listened to in years, and so it’s very refreshing to listen to them again after all that time. They’re a psychobilly band, though having not delved into that genre in even the shallowest sense of the term, it’s easier to classify them as being a punk band, albeit without the socially-conscious lyrics that punk bands are supposed to have. Regardless, the pair of songs I’ve posted are from my favorite of their albums, Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise, and I hope you enjoy them, as they will probably be all you get out of this blog for the next few days. Happy Halloween!


From Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise
Santa Carla Twilight – (MP3, 6.5 MB)
Ghost Tigers Rise – (MP3, 3 MB)