And next up is My First Earthquake! I hope you enjoy newly-minted holiday songs as much as I do, or you may not enjoy their amusing holiday song, Fa La Freezing. It is based off of a song their singer remembered from her 5th grade holiday concerts. Awww, nostalgia! I’ve only heard it a few times and I’m already singing along. It’s ca-ca-ca-ca-cold outside…

The other song I’ve posted, Sack Lunch is not holiday-themed, but it is rather catchy. It has the distinct honor of being the only song I’ve ever heard to say “pre-pube,” or refer to “the pizza boxes of his heart.” It’s also one of the very few songs I know about statutory rape! That is probably not a great selling point, but hey, it’s still a great song.


From Fa La Freezing
Fa La Freezing – (MP3, 4.6 MB)

From Tremors
Sack Lunch – (MP3, 4 MB)