There is so much good music in my inbox, it’s unbelievable. There’s at least another 5 bands to post in there, which I guess isn’t that unbelievable, but it’s still pretty good. A fellow from the Brooklyn band Xylos e-mailed me about a week ago, imploring me to check out his music, and so I did. And I enjoyed it! And here I am, writing about it!

Anyway, their music isn’t easily pigeonholed, which is great for the listener but not so great for the blogger. Their debut EP, Bedrooms, is a fairly downbeat number. Gettin’ somewhere! Unlike most slow and meandering songs, though, these ones do not cause mind-numbing boredom.

The singer for Yeasayer, who I’ve written about before, does some guest vocals on Wrapped In A Page, and does them quite well. I was expecting something, well, weirder, and I’m glad what I received was different. It is indeed the most accessible song of the bunch; perhaps because it’s faster-paced, or perhaps due to its tropical influences. Yellow Flip-Flops also borrows Yeasayer’s singer and has tropical influences, and even adds some great female vocals, but it’s not as fast-paced or as accessible. Mystery solved! Since I haven’t mentioned any lyrics on here in a while, Testament has a cool lyric in “I left home to find myself a home.” Chew on that one for a while!

Also, if you like this music a whole lot, and you live in or near New York, they have a show on the 20th of this month and you should go see it. You can find the details and download the rest of their EP from their website.


From Bedrooms
Wrapped In A Page – (MP3, 4.1 MB)
Yellow Flip-Flops – (MP3, 6.8 MB)
Testament – (MP3, 7.1 MB)