I wasn’t planning on writing anything on here, not so much from lack of music worth writing about as, well, laziness. However, listening to Alela Diane’s new album, To Be Still, I felt compelled to get on here and ramble a bit about it. I’d quickly become a fan of hers after her first album on a label, The Pirate’s Gospel, so I was happy just to learn she had another album to get. After listening to White As Diamonds, one of the standouts on her new album, I was also happy to learn that the album was good. If her folksiness and fantastic singing wasn’t enough for me, the violin playing (and that she lives in Portland now) is a sweet bonus. I’m not sure if I like her new one better than The Pirate’s Gospel, but it is a worthy successor.


From To Be Still
White As Diamonds – (MP3, 5.1 MB)