Inertia really seems to control my blogging, and since it turns out I have not blogged since freakin’ December, happy 2009, hope you’ve had a good one so far. I realize I haven’t posted my best of ’08 list still, but at least I know what artists will be on it, so how about them apples? Hopefully the inertia will stay in high gear for at least a few more posts, eh?

First up for ’09 is Lex Land, who you may have heard on Grey’s Anatomy a few months back. She’s only got about 11k plays on, though, so she has not taken off yet, as it were. On Could’ve Had Me she sounds much like Beth Ditto (from The Gossip) or whatever that girl’s name is from The Duke Spirit. In other words, sexy and soulful. As Much As You Lead is, well, just a good song. The inertia hasn’t made me good at blogging again yet. In either case, enjoy the songs!


From Orange Days On Lemon Street
Could’ve Had Me – (MP3, 4.8 MB)
As Much As You Lead – (MP3, 6.4 MB)