Lemonwilde - Red Room

When I went through my inbox the other day, there was maybe a hundred e-mails that still needed sifting through. I believe three or four were about one band, Lemonwilde, which I suppose is a good way to grab someone’s attention. I’m glad they did, anyway, as their music’s pretty good! They released their EP, Red Room, in March, and now it is a free download. I would recommend them to anyone who likes Radiohead, Calla, or Kingsbury. If you’re not yet familiar with such bands, then think of it as rock that focuses more on intelligent lyrics than crushing guitar rhythms – the thinking man’s rock music, if you will. If you fancy yourself a thinking man type, then you should definitely download the EP. If you end up liking it, make sure to do them a solid and buy it, and keep an eye out for their upcoming album.


From Red Room
Red Room EP – (Zipped MP3s, 23.2 MB)