Sometimes you can’t find new songs that completely blow your mind with their awesomeness, and unfortunately that is more often the rule than the exception. Luckily for us, it doesn’t have to blow our minds to still be good music. Regrets & Brunettes are in the second category, the category of good songs that probably won’t get hyped to death. They are releasing their debut album, At Night You Love Me, on December 1, and if you are in the mood for music to actually enjoy rather than music to get all worked up about, then it might just be the album for you.

In unrelated news, either/or will be on autopilot for about a week, but I’ve set some posts up to auto-publish themselves so hopefully they will! While I’m gone, please remember to send band and song recommendations to me at


From At Night You Love Me
Post Punk – (MP3, 5.8 MB)
Uh-Oh – (MP3, 5.8 MB)