Sometimes, it appears that I read my e-mails and forget about them for an entire year. I remember reading the e-mail The Bookhouse Boys from bloody ‘ol England sent me last July, but never got around to responding to it. Procrastination wins the day again, I suppose. But as luck would have it, they are not procrastinators, and released their song I Can’t Help Myself as a single, and also released a vinyl EP. And in a few weeks, in early December, they’ll have another single out. I have the video of their song I Can’t Help Myself for you to watch. It’s a great rock song, drenched in blues, that manages to fit in some trumpeting. That’s right, trumpets. How many rock bands do you know that have two trumpet players in the line-up? My guess: not very many! There are also two awesome beards and a leggy brunette in the video, so pretty much all your bases are covered.


From I Can’t Help Myself
I Can’t Help Myself – YouTube