Music freely available online is always appreciated, even moreso when it means I don’t have to resort to the morally ambiguous hosting of the music myself. There are some folks who believe this is the way of the future, and even though I always end up buying physical copies, the word of mouth potential for free distribution on the internet is amazing.

Now, these dudes ended up on my list while finally catching up on the catalog over at Quote Unquote Records. Folksy, punksy, dudes with heart! I feel so corny saying that. The music is excellent. The recording quality gets a little sketchy on some tracks, and they may get a bit noisier than you want to handle, but it all works out for me. I’m already jamming too many links in here, so just check out their myspace page for links to the various downloadables and such. They’ve got two full lengths and some live stuff available.


From A Rhythm in the Cages
No Lodging For the Mad – (MP3, 3.2 MB)
Dig Too Deep – (MP3, 1.7 MB)
Cuyuhoga Canal – (MP3, 3.5 MB)
Montana – (MP3, 4.6 MB)