If there is one thing that I don’t like about most so-called “supergroups,” it’s that people focus on how cool it is that so-and-so’s from various bands are now all in the same band, and competely ignore that their music is as inane and trite as it ever was. That’s one of the reasons why I prefer bands who term themselves a “music collective,” because they tend to focus on good music more than their invented popularity. With that, Learning Music is a music collective from Los Angeles that produces an album every month. While such a quantity may not mean there are stringest quality control standards, there are plenty of gems to be found. These songs are from October’s album, which was produced and co-written by Alex Silverman, who I have written about before. I must say, the lad has some musical chops on him.


From Famous: The Jonny Pride Story
Ambitions – (MP3, 5.9 MB)
They Didn’t Tell Him – (MP3, 6.1 MB)
Heads A Rock – (MP3, 6.8 MB)