I have a good feeling that we’ll be hearing more from these plucky English lads in the future, if not already. Their music has been liberally sprinkled on all manor of things, including films, ads (apparently anyway: we certainly don’t get them here) and awesome video game trailers starring Batman (which is where I happened upon their music). This isn’t a bad thing, everyone: what better reward could there be for producing great music than to make sure a wide variety of people get to sample it?

And boy howdy, what music it is too. It’s a delectable mix of indie rock, mixed in (at times) with just a hint of gypsy punk and also what Wikipedia calls Neo Funk. Which is seriously awesome! As I’m sure that I’m doing a disservice to them with this lousy post, I highly recommend that you dive into the following YouTube links and then proceed to buy their album. It’s the only right course of action.


From The House That Dirt Built
Oh No! Not You Again! – (YouTube)
How You Like Me Now – (YouTube)
Short Change Hero – (YouTube)