There are times where you want to rock out till the sun comes up. There are other times where simple, pretty music is all you want to close out a rough day. You Are Plural are perfect for the latter situation, so fare be warned if you are looking for EXTREME EXCITEMENT with this post.

Not to say that this boy + girl group are dreary. You Are Plural have some of the most soothing and soft tunes I’ve heard in ages. It’s not really the type of music that you could listen to at any instance, but when the moment strikes, it is pure heaven. It’s elegant, pretty, and quietly moving; a blend of classical instrumentation with a smidgen of electro-pop underpinnings, all tied together with male and/or female vocals (and no, that doesn’t mean the singing is androgynous: it just means that sometimes it’s a male singing, sometimes it’s a female and sometimes it’s both).

Yet again, I have no downloadable media, but the entire Hand it Over EP is available to stream as well as buy for the most agreeable price of $5. They also allow you to download it in whatever format you like, so if you’re a crazy audiophile with a thing for lossless audio formats, then they have your back.