Now, eagle-eyed readers might realise that I’ve posted about She & Him before (that sentence is a bit optimistic because I’m not sure we have readers), but they’ve got a new album out now (well, it’s been out for a while now) and Zooey Deschanel is so dang cute that I think I should write about them again. Also, you can’t do anything about it – we’re all about repeated content right now.

Ok, enough frivolities. What I love about She & Him is that lovely old time feel to their tunes. With the follow up album, Volume Two, the trend is continued, but things are a fair bit boppier this time around and boy howdy there’s nothing wrong with that. It feels modern and catchy but incredibly charming at the same time. It’s a little slice of times gone by, but wonderfully fresh at the same time. Can I say it’s adorable perhaps?

From Volume Two
In the Sun – YouTube
Don’t Look Back – YouTube