I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to post about these guys. Granted, their one and only album came out before this site even started, but that doesn’t mean their music is outdated. Oh ho ho, far from it.

Anyhoo, I figure it’s time to bam things up a notch by presenting you with The Avalanches, an Australian hip-hop/electronic group. Their sole debut album, Since I Left You is a literal cacophony of old records, classic radio shows, and movie quotes, all jammed up with a dash of deck scratching to tie it all together.

Ok, I’m dipping into pretentiousness, but it’s seriously pretty amazing! Most of the album feels structured and completely melodic with only an occasional dip into more electronic territory, but even that’s ok because it sounds weirdly retro at the same time. The real standouts are Since I Left You, Etoh, and most importantly, Frontier Psychiatrist which has a bizarre, but totally appropriate music video.

Downloadable media is a little hard to come by (this album came out in 2001), but I have some awesome music videos for you! As well as that, I have some bonus videos that show where all the samples come from, which you should definitely check out after you listen to the tunes. Goodness me this is a long post.


From Since I Left You
Frontier Psychiatrist – (YouTube)
Since I Left You – (YouTube)
Frontier Psychiatrist – The Samples – (YouTube)
Since I Left You – The Samples – (YouTube)