Well, it was bound to happen one day. While our little website is named after the album, this song didn’t actually feature on it: it was a ‘lost’ track until it was restored and released on the posthumous album New Moon. Looking at the lyrics, however, it seems to be even more relevant to this site than I previously thought:

I’ll write the pages you rip out
Back in their places again
One day you’ll know what you’re talking about
I can hardly imagine, but until then I’ll be

Filling in these blanks that you create
Every time you win some petty score
Posing as hardcore, oh yeah, either/or

Make of that what you will! The song itself is rather simple, bringing with it a slight gospel feel (to be expected I guess, given the prominence of drawn out notes from an organ). But, like all of the wonderful songs crafted by Smith, there’s an infinite depth to the lyrics and the arrangement that’s wonderfully poetic and rich. It is a great shame that you’re no longer with us, my friend.

Either/Or by Elliott Smith on Grooveshark