Ok, yes: it’s a Radiohead post. I love Radiohead, but conversely, I don’t love them. There’s a difference between love and blind love and I’d say I fall squarely into the former camp. To me, Amnesiac was a mostly unlistenable album, and given its birth as leftovers from the Kid A sessions, it’s not really a huge surprise. However, You and Whose Army? makes the entire album worthwhile, and remains one of my favourite Radiohead tunes ever.

Unlike the majority of the album, this tune is very much stripped back and played with minimal interference. It plays quite mournfully until the last third, where it explodes almost triumphantly, all of which is underpinned by Yorke’s voice which seems like it’s warbling out of an old record player. Having said that, it’s still feels fairly humble (which by Radiohead standards, seems rather difficult to achieve). Now, don’t get me started on The King of Limbs

You And Whose Army by Radiohead on Grooveshark