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I talked briefly about Interpol the other day, and since I am utterly predictable, here is a dedicated post about them! This happens to be a tune I very much like, but it’s certainly one that’s aimed at those times that you have a bit of a rainy day. Consequently, it’s pretty different to The Base, but they still share some of the same DNA.

Untitled by Interpol on Grooveshark

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I’m not sure if Thievery Corporation have ever featured on either/or, and I’m too scared to check in case I need to stop writing this. Bah, who am I kidding, like that’d stop me!

Thievery Corporation have always been slick and pretty cool. As lame an adjective as ‘cool’ is, it’s completely apt: I really can’t think of a better word than that. The outfit tends to mix in a few oriental and middle-eastern influences into their tracks, and this is no exception.

Mandala by Thievery Corporation on Grooveshark

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I’ve only written (wrote? I don’t know grammar anymore) about Sharon Van Etten about 3-4 times before on here, so what’s another, eh? This song is one of the keepers from her latest album, Tramp. It even came out this year, so consider that recent! Once again, her singing ability blows my mind and makes me want to have babies with her.

Serpents by Sharon Van Etten on Grooveshark

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Back when dancing was less about rubbing your crotch over someone else and more about rhythm and style, you had stuff like this tune. Grab your partner! Throw her in the air! Lindy does some hops! Or something anyway, I clearly don’t dance. Having said that, this is the kind of tune that makes me want to rush out and learn: it combines some classic, old-style swing with a kickin’ modern beat. More, please!

Booty Swing by Parov Stelar on Grooveshark

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Too busy to look at either/or this week? Can’t be bothered scrolling down? Well, here’s the week’s worth of posts in one handy list!

Wolfmother – Joker and the Thief
The Superjesus – Secret Agent Man
Lush – Ladykillers
Danger Mouse and Daniele Lupin – Black (feat. Norah Jones)
Marie Avery – If You’ve Got Time
Paul Banks – The Base
Lindsey Stirling – Zelda Medley

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Everyone likes Zelda music, right? No? How about if its performed by a beautiful, appropriately-costumed violinist who combines it with interpretive dance? Still no? Ah, to heck with you then!

For the rest of us, allow me to introduce Lindsey Stirling. Ms. Stirling has apparently been on some US talent show, but she sprang to prominence as a result of her eclectic YouTube videos. She’s pretty dang talented, and I like how this is a unique arrangement of various Zelda pieces, rather than just a direct cover.

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I’m not too clued in on the music of Interpol (of which Paul Banks is the lead singer), but I do have a handful of their songs. And they’re pretty good! There is certainly a bit of Interpol’s DNA within this tune, but there’s also a sense of optimism within it, coupled with a general, ethereal feeling that isn’t quite within Interpol’s music. At least, from what I’ve heard.

Point is, this is awesome and I like it!

The Base by Paul Banks on Grooveshark

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Evidently, the wonderful Kori Pop has some lovely (and equally talented) friends. Some people have all the luck! Marie Avery hails from Canada, bringing with her a sweet, soaring (and a little eclectic) tune of piano and strings coupled with her delicate vocals (and Kori Pop’s backing vocals). Delightful is the perfect word for it really, and I sure as heck like delightful things!

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Yeah, we’ve posted about this album before, but it is pretty rad so I’m going to post about it again. Though this time it’s about one song instead of the entire album and surprise surprise: Norah Jones sings it. Apparently, I have a thing for her???

This is actually one of my favourite songs ever that she’s been a part of. The sombre mood of the old west that underlies the song is just wonderful, and it gives it a very hazy, dream-like flow. Point is, it’s grand and it gives me a chance to post that awesome cover art again!

Black (ft. Norah Jones) by Danger Mouse on Grooveshark

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The same friend that recommended Richard III to me also got me onto this one. I wonder what that person is doing now? Probably not reading this website, I’ll bet!

Anyway, this is a vaguely punkish bit of Britpop, sung under the guise of an unimpressed (and kind of cheesed off) lady. On the one hand, it makes me feel just a little bit meek, but it’s also a heck of a lot of fun. Besides, the guy they’re singing about really does sound like quite the dick!

(aww jeez I hope that old friend wasn’t hinting at something)

Ladykillers by Lush on Grooveshark